We are working for Develop Community which name Shaffaf Asaan Cerebral Palsy Community. We are collecting CP-Child Data from Karachi & in future Pakistan.


Children’s with disabilities face many obstacles that have little to do with their physical or cognitive  abilities.

Shaffaf Welfare  Trust aim to rehabilitate the child efficiently and helping the children’s with disabilities and training them to be independent.    

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The mission is to cerate awareness regarding disabilities  its myth and improving quality of life by helping them be independent.


  • Educate the parents.
  • To set reasonable expectations.
  • Follow home plan.
  • Provide community & social support.
We Facilities to Special Children to provide those Books, Pen, pencils, School Bags and Uniforms. We bring educated & learned people to educate them. We conduct musical program & musical competition program among the special needs children. Over the years, we are working on projects to draw community attention to the serious human rights challenges facing vulnerable groups of children.
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