Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.) a symbol of peace, humanity and prosperity, providing the source of survival, helps the vulnerable persons in all manners.

Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.) is serving the poor, deprived and unfortunate, distressed people of the society since 1992. Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.) is a NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Pakistan.

Our organization spends time with poor and needy people and is fully aware of their problems and weaknesses. Therefore we want to help them in such a way that all financial aid is given to them in time and to the right people. This organization has become a back-bone of the poor society and provides help after a complete inquiry survey. This organization receives aid from different parts of the world. Each and every penny is spent after a strict inquiry and a utilization report is delivered to those who send this aid to us.

Founder Of (S.W.T.)

Dr. Shumail Ahmed Burney (Late)

Dr. Shumail Ahmed Burney (Late) was the Founder of Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.)(Regd.). He was a brave and Honest man and Loyal for the Cause of betterment of Humanity.

He was very helpful person especially for people who didn’t know their rights, who didn’t have food, and didn’t have any income sources, Specially Old men and women, he provided them shelter and treated them as his parents. He was also the Founder & Chairman of Human Rights Committee for Public & Police Aid (R).

President of (S.W.T.)

Mr. Shujat Burney

Mr. Shujat Burney (Social Worker) is now President of Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.) (Regd.) He is son of Dr. Shumail Ahmed Burney (Late). He is a young, dynamic and honest person like his father. He has got the Qualities of his Father to run this Organization.

He is running Shaffaf Welfare Trust (S.W.T.) as a President since the time his father passed away. The right of humanity is a primary cause for him like his father Dr. S.A. Burney (Late). The President is working hard for youth, special children and the poor men, women and children as well as for the needy people in jail.



Shaffaf Welfare Trust is continuously helping poor and needy people since, 1992 by providing “Iftari” in Ramadan, distributing Ration to poor and needy people. Shaffaf Trust is also distributes gifts and Eid clothes, dresses to special children in Ramadan.


We are working for Develop Community which name Shaffaf Asaan Cerebral Palsy Community. We are collecting CP-Child Data from Karachi & in future Pakistan. Children’s with disabilities face many obstacles that have little to do with their physical or cognitive abilities.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust is Providing Home to Pakistani People's who can't afford to Home or Living Place. Our Mission to Provide Home in very Low Budget to reach every Low Income to Lower Class & Middle Class Families.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust is also providing free education to orphans, special children and poor homeless needy children. We educate them with different game techniques to bring smile and happiness on their faces and also align/motivate them to the optimum standard.


Shaffaf Welfare believes that good care and prompt treatment are essential for the patient to recover more quickly. An important first step in any medical treatment is the outpatient department. It aids in the patient’s recovery from or improvement of a certain medical condition.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust always comes forward to help women who are facing difficulties and having problem in their families. SWT provides legal aid to needy women and also guide them to secure.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust providing services in Central Jail Karachi to inmates for their well-being in the areas as the following: Medical camp to provide Doctor Treatment, medicines, measure blood pressure & check sugar level, eyes & ears check-up.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust is continuously helping poor and needy people since, 1992 by providing“Aftari” in Ramadan, distributing Rashon to poor and needy people.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust not only distributes ration, we also put our efforts towards providing a peaceful environment. We want your cooperation to proceed further in this way in our present and future. Without your cooperation it will never be possible for us to achieve our goals.


Children also have the right to special protection because of their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse. Our duty to ensure that all children in Pakistan enjoy the rights set out in the treaty.


We facilities to special children to provide those books, pen, pencils, school bags and uniforms. We bring educated & learned people to educate them. We conduct musical program & musical competition program among the special needs children.


This project will not be successful without your generous contributions and donations. The project qualified for Sadaqah, Zakat, and Lillah. So it is a humble request to join hands with us to keep these children warm during this winter season by providing them the required warm clothes.


A disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources.


The Legal Aid Society is a not-for-profit organization that has a mission to connect vulnerable and disempowered end users of justice with effective and expedient services for the delivery of justice; Human Security: Protecting, Promoting, and Ensuring knowledge of and access to fundamental freedoms/rights.


The stated goal is to “revive forest and wildlife resources in Pakistan, to improve the overall conservation of the existing protected areas; encourage eco-tourism, community engagement and job creation through conservation.”


Qurbani means sacrifice. Every year during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims around the world slaughter an animal – a goat, sheep, cow or camel – to reflect the Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail, for the sake of God.


Through this initiative Government of the Punjab will assist the youth in earning sustainable income. One of the major objectives of this project is to provide training opportunities to youth for self-employment using internet based freelancing.


Shaffaf Welfare Trust is aware that the unemployment is increasing in the society and the people cannot marry due to poverty. The marriage expenses are not affordable to the middle class and poor people anymore. We have therefore decided to help the poor and needy persons in arrangement of their marriages. We shall arrange mass-marriage ceremonies and don’t let anybody feel unhappy because of poverty.

Shaffaf Previous Donors and Sponsors

Procedure of Sending Donations.

Respected Donors:

Whenever you send any Donation, please inform us the same day through email:
About the mode or channel you selected for sending funds, date, Amount and the Purpose of Donation (i.e : Zakat, Khairat, Sadqa, Charity, Gift, Fitra, Fidya, Roza Kaffara & Ambulance heads etc.) with your complete Postal Address to enable us to send Donation Receipt.

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Office # 16 1st Floor,
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Federal B Area Karimabad Block 1
گلبرگ ٹاؤن، کراچی، کراچی, ضلع کراچی, سندھ
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan 74600.

Cell : 03222084153

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Bank name: National Bank of Pakistan.
Bank Branch: Site Branch.
Account Title: Shaffaf Welfare Trust.
Branch Code: 0064.
Account # 4107719726.
IBAN: PK74NBPA0064004107719726.

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